Our Story

Deeply rooted in the values of our parent company.

A passionate commitment to community

Acelleron’s culture is deeply rooted in the values of our parent company, Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services, Inc. (“Preferred”). A passionate commitment to community was born from profound loss suffered by company owner Joel Markel and his family.


Between 1989 and 1990, Joel’s family experienced a desperate need for home health care.  His sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 39, and Joel and his wife welcomed her and her two sons into their home. Meanwhile, Joel’s infant son, Ryan, was born with serious health problems. Through this heart-wrenching time, they were constantly searching for consistent home health care for both his sister and his son. Joel found it difficult to find qualified and committed caregivers who could tend to his family’s diverse and complex needs.


Joel’s personal story did not have a happy ending; his sister and son passed away within months of each other. Through his overwhelming grief, Joel realized how crucial it was to have compassionate and skilled professionals caring for his loved ones yet obtaining that level of care had been all but impossible.


With that in mind, in 1993, Joel reprioritized his business interests and focused on building a home health care agency that provided both non-medical and skilled nursing care in his home state of New Jersey. His goal was to provide a comprehensive pediatric and adult home health care nursing program that could address even the most complex medical needs.


Now, Preferred is providing that crucial and compassionate pediatric and adult nursing care to families in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.


Acelleron acquired in 2013


As Preferred’s growth continued, the company acquired Acelleron in 2013 with the goal of diversifying its business by providing clients with medical equipment in addition to nursing care.  At that time, Acelleron provided only pediatric nebulizers to clients throughout New England.


Under new ownership and legislation, specifically the Affordable Care Act covering breastfeeding equipment starting in 2013, Acelleron sought to expand its services. Breastfeeding moms were finally able to obtain a breast pump through their insurance. This wonderful opportunity for mothers also created a dire need for a quality breast pump provider, and Acelleron welcomed the opportunity!


Acelleron is now one of the largest breast pump and nebulizer providers in the northeast and strives to provide best-in-class care and support through quality education, equipment, supplies, and support to facilities and families throughout the country.


The Acelleron leadership team shares a commitment for transforming the customer experience and applying expertise in medical equipment, wellness, healthcare, technology, analytics, and change management.