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Welcome to Acelleron’s Breast Pump Education Portal! Whether you are still deciding on which pump you want, or if you already have your pump, the resources below can help make you more informed and confident during this journey!

If you haven’t selected your pump yet: Please be sure to download our Breast Pump Selection Guide and register for our On-demand Pump Exploration Webinar. Both of these resources will walk you through how to choose and use the best breast pump and accessories for your needs and preferences, as well as pumping tips, tricks, and more!

If you already selected/have your pump: Schedule a free, 1-on-1 Unbox Your Pump virtual consult with one of our Pump Experts! Plus, check out our collection of quick how-to videos. Topics include: how to assemble your pump, how to use your pump, how to clean your pump, and much more!

Pump Exploration Webinar

Register for our FREE On-demand Pump Exploration Webinar where our Pump Experts review key breast pump parts, top brands, how to choose and use the best breast pump for your needs and preferences, as well as pumping tips, accessories to consider, and more! Best of all, you can access this webinar at your own pace.

  • Free Virtual Consultations

    Register and meet 1-on-1 for our lactation and pumping support consults including Unbox Your Pump, Flange Fit Basics, and Return to Work 101 , plus, join our monthly Pumping Support Group.

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