Pumping in the Workplace

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The Challenge

Breastfeeding has enormous health benefits for both mother and baby and, despite the benefits, many breastfeeding moms stop nursing when they return to work. Either their commute or work schedule are not conducive to pumping, or there is a general lack of awareness or support in the workplace.

There are lactation accommodation laws in place to protect employees, however, many employers are either unaware of these laws or not familiar with the needs of a breastfeeding mom.

Did you know?
  • Employers must provide reasonable break time for employees to express milk in at work for 1 year after the child's birth. These breaks are not required to be paid.
  • Employers must provide a space for employees to express milk in that is: shielded from view, free from intrusion, functional with a chair and flat surface, not a bathroom, and available whenever a mother needs to pump.
  • Break time and space are covered under Section 7 of the Fair Labor Standards Act. State laws supersede the Federal laws if your state's laws provide more for breastfeeding moms.

How we can help

Return to Work Guide

From breastfeeding benefits and choosing the right pump, to tips for pumping at work, we have developed a free guide to help you prepare and transition back to work. Download now.


Lactation Room Setup Guide

Approximately 50% of moms we surveyed said their employer does not provide a lactation room at work. Our free Lactation Room Setup Guide provides an overview of requirements and detailed recommendations.


[email protected] Program

A low cost employer benefit program that helps remove workplace barriers for breastfeeding and pumping employees, whether working in the office or remotely, by providing breastfeeding equipment and supplies.

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