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Getting Employer Support Just Got Easier!

Breastfeeding has enormous benefits for mom, baby, and employers too! Despite this, some employers need help supporting lactating employees. We can help make your employer lactation-friendly (whether you are working remotely or not) and help you save money on pumping supplies!

Lactation Products and Services

Multi-User Pump

Have your employer provide access to a stationary, hospital-grade pump at work and avoid the hassle of carrying your personal pump back and forth.

Pumping Kit & Supplies

Get a pumping kit and/or receive a recurring supply of pumping essentials including: cleaning wipes, micro steam bags, milk storage bags, and nursing pads.

Lactation Gift Boxes

Receive one of three different gift boxes with top products to support your breastfeeding journey: including breastmilk storage bags, a hands-free pumping bra, and more!
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Additional Resources

Return to Work Guide

From breastfeeding benefits and choosing the right pump, to tips for pumping at work, we have developed a free guide to help you prepare and transition back to work. Download now.


Lactation Room Setup Guide

Approximately 50% of moms we surveyed said their employer does not provide a lactation room at work. Our free Lactation Room Setup Guide provides an overview of requirements and detailed recommendations.


Pump@Work Program

A low cost employer benefit program that helps remove workplace barriers for breastfeeding and pumping employees, whether working in the office or remotely, by providing breastfeeding equipment and supplies.

“The lactation room, or lack thereof, has become symbolic of how workplaces treat mothers.”

–  Katharine Schwab, Associate Editor at Fast Company