Virtual Consultations

From unboxing your pump with us, to returning to work, explore our free support consults Learn more

Welcome to Acelleron’s virtual consultations page! Here, you can access our FREE* Unbox Your Pump, Flange Fit Basics, and Return to Work 101 virtual consultations, plus, our monthly Pumping Support Group. Registration details are below.


If you haven’t gotten your breast pump yet, be sure to download our Breast Pump Selection Guide and register for our On-Demand Pump Exploration Webinar. Both of these resources will walk you through how to choose and use the best breast pump and accessories for your needs and preferences, as well as pumping tips, tricks, and more! Then, when you’re ready, order your breast pump here!

Lactation & Pumping Support Consults

Unbox Your Pump


Join us 1-on-1 where one of our pump experts will provide a brief overview of your pump with key features and benefits, what it comes with, how to setup and clean it, basic use, and also some great tips and tricks.

  • Flange Fit Basics

    A correct fit for your breast shields/flanges is paramount to your comfort and success with pumping. Meet 1-on-1 to explore breast shield/flange sizing for the pump you chose!

Pumping Support Group


Join us and fellow pumping families to discuss all things pumping: the good, the bad, the how-tos, and what-ifs! This is an open support group for Acelleron families, at any point in their lactation and pumping journey.

  • Return to Work 101

    Returning to work comes with many feelings! Take a step in reducing a bit of the anxiety and nervousness by prepping for pumping at work ahead of time. Meet 1-on-1 to discuss YOUR return to work.

*Consults are free to customers who ordered a breast pump through Acelleron only. If not a previous Acelleron breast pump customer, an invoice for the standard $25.00 fee will be sent and is due before the scheduled consult time.