Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rental Agreement

We offer hospital grade breast pumps, on a rental basis. We reserve the right to refuse to provide rental equipment in our discretion, but when we do, these terms apply to the rental, and by accepting the equipment you agree to these terms in addition to our Terms of Service and to those Terms of Sale as may apply to delivery of Hospital-Grade Breast Pump Rental Equipment:

  1. You hereby authorize Acelleron to charge your credit card (plus tax if applicable) for the rental period, any accessories you selected, and any ongoing monthly charges past the rental period as initially specified on your order form.
  2. You will be charged and agree to pay the full retail price (plus tax, if any) for any equipment not returned to Acelleron when the rental agreement is terminated. The full retail price of a hospital grade breast pump may be as high as $2,002.49, plus tax.
  3. Rental equipment will be used with reasonable care, not altered or modified, and will be returned in good condition (normal wear and tear excepted). All equipment must be returned in clean condition or a $25 cleaning fee will be assessed by Acelleron and charged to your credit card.
  4. You will follow all manufacturer’s instructions, and observe all warnings and restrictions on use provided in the operating manual or otherwise provided to you by the manufacturer or by Acelleron.
  5. You will promptly report to Acelleron of any malfunctions or defects in rental equipment so that repair or replacement can be arranged.
  6. You will provide Acelleron or its designated service provider access to all rental equipment for repair or replacement, maintenance, and/or pick-up of the equipment. We will advise you of the need for such service and identify the service provider in advance, for your security.
  7. You will keep the equipment in your possession at all times and will store it at the address to which it was delivered, unless otherwise authorized in writing (which may be by e-mail) by Acelleron.
  8. You will notify us if you are hospitalized, or if there is any change in your address, telephone number, or when the need for the rental equipment no longer exists.
  9. You agree to pay the full retail price (plus tax, if any) of any rented equipment damaged, destroyed, or lost due to misuse, abuse or neglect, or modified without our prior written consent, or lost for any other reason.
  10. You will not modify the rental equipment without our advance written authorization to do so. If you do modify it, any authorized modification shall belong to the titleholder of the equipment unless you purchase the equipment and pay for it in full.
  11. Title to all rental equipment and all parts thereof shall remain with Acelleron or its supplier at all times unless the equipment is purchased and paid for in full.
  12. Acelleron does not insure rental equipment after delivery to you and is not responsible to you or any other person for any personal injury or property damage related directly or indirectly to any rental equipment; including that caused by use, misuse or improper functioning of the equipment; your acts or omissions or the acts or omissions of any other person or entity, by any negligent or criminal act on your part or the part of any other person or entity, or which may be suffered through war, civil unrest or riot, insurrection, fire, weather event, act of God, or any other circumstance outside the control of Acelleron.
  13. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Dispute Resolution Section of our Terms of Service, or our Privacy Policy, you agree that Acelleron or its supplier or collection agent may obtain one or more credit reports in the event of overdue payments or failure to return equipment.
  14. The following Terms of Sale apply to the rental of equipment:
    Section 3: Customer Service: Hours of Availability
    Section 5: Instructions for set up for equipment
    Section 6: Safety Precautions
    Section 7: Emergency or Natural Disaster
    Section 8: Customer Suggestions or Complaints
    Section 9: Customer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
    Section 10: HIPAA Notice and Privacy Policy
    Section 11: DME Supplier Standards
    Section 12: Resources
    Section 13: Manufacturer Phone Numbers and Websites
    Section 14: How to Contact Us


ME1 36604761v.1