PARI LC® Sprint Reusable Nebulizer

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PARI’s Breath Enhanced Technology

The nebulizer cup is the part of your aerosol delivery system that turns your liquid medication into a mist, or aerosol. PARI’s reusable nebulizer cups are special because they are breath enhanced. This technology delivers more medication when you breathe in, and wastes less when you breathe out for the best treatment possible.

Features & Benefits  

  • The gold standard’s gone platinum with short treatments and consistently high respirable drug delivery
  • Utilizes breath-enhanced technology to maximize delivery of medication
  • The Clear-View window allows the user to easily view the medication level remaining in the cup.
  • Easy to use and clean as this nebulizer is boilable and dishwasher safe

What’s Included:

  • PARI LC Sprint Nebulizer
  • Tubing Set






Remember! Replace Your Reusable Nebulizer Cup Every Six Months!

Advantages of Replacing Your Nebulizer Cup:

Consistent medication delivery to the lungs
Fast and efficient treatments
Bacterial contamination can be reduced*
*Lester, Mary K. Nebulizer Use and Maintenance by Cystic Fibrosis Patients: A Survey Study. Respiratory Care 2004; 49(12): 1504-1508.

Item # 023F35

Technical Data:

Total Output Rate (TOR) = 500 mg/min

Mass Median Diameter (MMD) = 3.5 micrometers

Percentage Respirable Fraction (%RF) = 68%

Average Treatment Time (ATT) = ~5 min

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