Spectra SG Portable Double Adjustable Breast Pump

  • Spectra-SG-Portable-1700x1400
  • Spectra-SG-Portable-pumping
  • Spectra-SG-Portable-screen
  • Spectra-SG-Portable-back
  • Spectra-SG-Portable-1700x1400
  • Spectra-SG-Portable-pumping
  • Spectra-SG-Portable-screen
  • Spectra-SG-Portable-back

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The SG Portable features independent vacuum adjustability with dual motors allowing moms to adjust on each side. The lightweight SG Portable utilizes one separate battery-operated motor for each breast. Because of this, moms can now conveniently and effectively double-pump without compromising suction, leading to more efficient and productive pumping sessions.


  • Portable with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Double Adjustable – independent vacuum settings (up to 12  levels) for each breast
  • Massage and Expression modes with preset cycle speeds
  • Ultra quiet for discreet pumping sessions
  • Touch screen LCD with timer control
  • Automatic shut off, mute button feature, and memory setting
  • Made with Natural Nursing Technology that simulates the natural way a baby nurses and promotes a more comfortable pumping experience

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What’s Included:

  • One (1) Spectra SG Portable Double Adjustable Breast Pump
  • Two (2) 24mm breast flanges
  • Two (2) 28mm breast flanges
  • Two (2) Backflow Protectors. Includes silicone membrane, uppercase, and lowercase caps for each Backflow Protector
  • Two (2) Duckbill Valves
  • Two (2) Tubing with Adapter Ends
  • Two (2) Wide Neck Storage Bottles. Includes nipple, disc, cap, and cover for each bottle
  • One (1) 5V AC Power Adapter/Charger

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