Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Medicare Provider for Nebulizers? 
We are currently a nebulizer provider for Medicare patients.

In addition to a nebulizer prescription, what other documents are required to complete an order?
Please send a copy of the patient’s insurance card if available, patient demographic sheet, and face to face/office visit note.

What is required on a nebulizer prescription (including MassHealth)?
Please see MH prescription regulations.

What does it mean if a patient’s diagnosis is not found on your ICD-10 Reference Sheet?
The ICD-10 Reference Guide is not a comprehensive list of all existing diagnosis. Please note, signs and symptoms are caused by an underlying diagnosis. If a qualifying diagnosis is not included, it may be denied for insurance coverage.

How often do insurances cover nebulizer cup and tubing sets?
Typically, insurances cover 1 every 6 months.

What do I do if patients call and report that their nebulizer is broken?
You may direct the patient to call Acelleron for troubleshooting and determine if it is covered under warranty. If it is determined the issue is covered under warranty, a patient will receive a replacement device (with return of broken nebulizer to our facility). If the patient arrives to your facility with a broken nebulizer, please contact our respiratory department at 978-738-9800, option 3.

What is an RMA Number?
If a nebulizer is covered under warranty, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be issued by our respiratory team. If a nebulizer is due to misuse or mishandling by the operator, it is not covered under warranty.

What happens if a patient breaks/loses his or her nebulizer compressor and does not qualify for a new one (1 every 5 years)?
The patient has the option of purchasing a new system or may consider processing the order through their new insurance if applicable.

I have patients who originally got their machine through another DME (Charm Medical, Baystate) and they are having a problem with their machine. What should I do?
You may direct the patient to call Acelleron for troubleshooting or call the manufacturer of the device (see manufacturer section for contact information).

How do I order more products for stock and bill/nebulizer closet?
On the Provider Portal homepage, locate “Nebulizer Closet Orders” then click on “place order”.

How do I order more products for in-office use?
On the Provider Portal homepage, locate “In-Office Nebulizer Treatments” then click on “place order”.

What other products do you provide?
On the Provider Portal homepage, please see “Other Services” section for details.