10 Best Kitchen Gadgets and New Technology for Faster and Happier Cooking

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August 19, 2019

While there’s always a place for age-old practices in the kitchen—your grandmother’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, for instance—taking advantage of the latest gadgets and newest technology can help make cooking quicker, easier, and tastier. Especially when there are little mouths to feed, putting a meal together can feel like a chore, but as we all know, nourishing your family with wholesome and nutritious food is essential. Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or would rather order in every night (no judgment!), it’s important to instill healthy eating habits early on in your child’s life. Here, we’re rounding up the best kitchen gadgets and newest technology to make cooking for your family less stressful, easier, and even a little fun.


1). Save time without sacrificing taste. This smart instant pot combines eight kitchen appliances into one, and it can connect to and be controlled by your mobile device.


2). Bye-bye onion tears; hello new best friend! Having a vegetable chopper on your counter is like hiring your very own sous-chef, minus the cost and random person in your house…


3). A meat thermometer is a must-have in every kitchen. Not only does it ensure that your food is being cooked to the appropriate (and safe!) temperature, but it also takes the guesswork out of grilling that perfect steak.


4). Speaking of grandma’s cookies, this sifter and scale attachment will make whipping up a batch in your electric mixer quicker and more precise than ever before.


5). If you’ve ever considered making your own baby food, this three-in-one food blender and steamer will help you cook, blend, and reheat with ease.


6). Can’t remember when you opened that jar of pasta sauce or how long leftovers have been in the fridge? Keep track of perishables with a digital tracker that attaches to items via suction cup and records the number of days that pass.


7). If you haven’t heard of a sous vide before, listen up. Basically, you attach the machine to any pot, add water, drop in the desired food in a sealed bag or glass jar, and voilà! The cooker’s timer and precise temperature control—which you can monitor via your mobile device—allow you to step away while your food cooks perfectly.


8). The best days start with good coffee. Whether you’re in the mood for hot or iced, this programmable brewer is totally customizable to your tastes. Plus with its large water reservoir, you can make up to eight cups of coffee without having to refill, saving you time in the morning.


9). Air frying is all the rage these days, and for good reason too, as you get the flavor of deep frying without the fat that goes along with it. Our pick has been cleverly designed to take up 20% less space than previous models, without losing any of its power or capacity.


10). Sometimes the simplest technology is the sweetest. Get to dessert faster with a heat conducting ice cream scoop that glides through even the most frozen of treats.


“Homemade” doesn’t have to take all day, and with new technology and time-saving gadgets for your kitchen, it’s never been easier to cook and eat smart. Bon appétit!

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