Cimilre Spotlight: Helping You Get the Right Breast Shield Fit

Categories: Breastfeeding, Pumping
February 6, 2024

Cimilre, one of the pump manufacturers Acelleron carries, is on a mission to help all breastfeeders get the resources they need for a successful pumping journey. Understanding nipple measurement and breast shield size can have a huge impact on your breastfeeding experience. With their “Get the Right Fit” program and breast shield sizing resources, Cimilre is empowering parents to take control of their breastfeeding journey with confidence.


Why knowing your breast shield size is important

It’s crucial to have the right size breast shield or flange for optimal milk production and comfort; yet, so many pumpers either aren’t aware this is something to consider or don’t have the means to get fitted and therefore don’t get the size they truly need. Acelleron’s 2022 “What’s Your Flange Size” survey revealed that 25% of respondents did not measure their nipple size, often defaulting to the standard sizes included with their pumps. However, for respondents who did measure their flange size before pumping, 63% needed flange sizes that were 21mm or smaller with 77% needing to purchase additional flanges or accessories to accommodate their size.

While there is still little wide-scale research dedicated to this topic, we are often seeing that people need smaller breast shield and flange sizes that come standard with the pump they selected.


Giving you the right size breast shield

Acknowledging this need in the market, Cimilre made the switch to reduce the breast shield sizes (sometimes referred to as flanges) included in the boxes with pumps to 21mm and 24mm. This shift aims to accommodate more parents right out of the box.

There are plenty of people who need sizes other than 21mm and 24mm. Cimilre gets that. That’s where their “Get the Right Fit” program comes in. With Get the Right Fit, parents can get a different size breast shield set for free if what comes in the box does not fit! This helps families access more sizes without the burden of cost of doing so. Having the right size breast shield or flange can have a tremendous impact on the success of a breastfeeding journey.


A guide, a ruler, and a virtual consult

To help parents better understand what size they may need, they can measure themselves with Cimilre’s Breast Shield Sizing Guide. This guide explains how to measure the nipple using the printable ruler and provides general insight into breast shield sizing. For those looking for a more personalized approach, consider scheduling a free Flange Fit Basics virtual consult with Acelleron. Cimilre also offers virtual breast shield sizing consults, available in English or Spanish and free for Cimilre breast pump users!


Even more Cimilre benefits

Beyond helping parents get the right fit, Cimilre has a lot of great benefits everyone can get behind like interchangeable pump parts for all pumps, a 2-year warranty, and super lightweight, modern designs. They even have cute skin decals you can use to #pumpUP your Cimilre pump; because let’s face it, we look at our pump a lot and might as well like the way it looks.

With breast pump options ranging from the highly adjustable S6 and S6+ that feature 85 setting combinations and the dual motor S5+, to the ultra-portable E1 pump the size of a sticky note and palm-sized P1 with intuitive touch controls, Cimilre has options to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.


Getting your Cimilre breast pump through insurance

If getting your insurance-covered breast pump is still on your list, Acelleron has you covered. We can help you get the right breast pump for your needs and lifestyle, along with all the supplies that your insurance will cover, such as maternity compression, breast milk storage bags, and more! Fill out this form to get your breast pump through insurance.