10 Smart Ways to Cool Your House Naturally This Summer

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July 11, 2019

As the temperature rises this summer, getting out of the heat and spending time inside your air-conditioned home is a safe and cool option, but the price of constantly running your AC adds up. However, when temperatures spike to dangerous levels they can cause heat exhaustionheat stroke, and negatively impact your mental well-being, making it seem like the only option is to get the AC going so you and your family can survive the heat. Luckily, there are ways to make your house a cool sanctuary that both protect you from dangerous temperatures and keep you from breaking the bank! Keep reading for ten smart ways to cool your house naturally this summer.

1. Trap the cool.Place fans in open windows at night. Then early the next morning, close the windows and draw the blinds to keep in the fresh air. For even more protection against the sun, invest in blackout curtains or medium-colored draperies with white plastic backings, which can reduce heat gain by up to 33 percent.

2. Create airflow. Simply opening windows that are across from each other isn’t always the most effective way to achieve a cross-breeze. Instead, open the windows at the lowest and highest points in your house to create a “chimney” effect. Cool air enters the house through the lower windows, and as it heats up, travels upward and eventually out the upper windows. Experiment with different combinations of open and closed windows until you find the one that produces the best airflow.

3. Put it on ice. Fill a mixing bowl with ice, and position it at an angle in front of a large fan. This will cause the air to whip off the ice, resulting in an extra chilly breeze.

4. Change the sheets. Opt for breathable bed linens like cotton, and rest your head on a buckwheat pillow which doesn’t retain heat.

5. Stay low. Since heat rises, it will be cooler on the lower levels of your house. If it’s too hot to stay upstairs, plan a slumber party where the whole family sleeps in the basement or living room.

6. Close the doors. If there are any rooms in your house that are not used regularly, close the doors to them. This will allow the cool air to stay concentrated in the most lived-in spaces.

7. Turn counter-clockwise. Did you know that if you set your ceiling fans to counter-clockwise at a higher speed, the fan’s airflow will create a wind-chill breeze effect?

8. Go eco-friendly. In addition to saving energy, making the switch from incandescent to LED light bulbs will keep your home cooler, as they emit less heat.

9. Fire up the grill. Take advantage of the warmer temps outside, and try to keep the oven off during the summer months.

10. Make a long-term investment. Permanent solutions like awnings and insulated window films will keep your home cooler for years to come, and while you may not reap the full benefits this season, planting trees or vines near windows will provide even more shade.

Cooling your house naturally can be a smart and budget-friendly way to beat the heat, and with these few simple tricks, your family won’t even miss the AC. For more tips, check out our recent post, 7 Ways to Keep Your Baby and Kids Cool During the Summer Months.


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