Acelleron Launches ”Great Place to Pump” Designation

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May 31, 2019

Acelleron, a health and wellness company, announces the launch of Great Place to Pump, a prestigious designation now available to employers. Great Place to Pump is an annual designation recognizing breastfeeding and pumping-friendly workplaces based on the successful establishment of policies, education, support, and accommodations for breastfeeding employees.

“We are ecstatic to recognize employers that value and support the strength and commitment of breastfeeding women in the workplace,” said Suzanne Vecchi, director of operations for Acelleron. “Providing a great place to pump for moms will not only support their personal goals but will also help retain them as valuable employees and attract great talent to the organization.”

Companies that become a Great Place to Pump will receive a certificate of designation, as well as a marketing toolkit, to help share this remarkable achievement with their company and the public.

According to the CDC 2018 Breastfeeding Report Card, over 80% of American mothers breastfeed their babies. Women comprise nearly half of the U.S. labor force and, for new mothers, the thought of returning to work and breastfeeding can be challenging. Breastfeeding mothers who are away from their babies need to express milk two to three times during an eight-hour workday to maintain their milk supply and avoid health complications. Employer support and accommodations for breastfeeding moms returning to work is crucial for this transition and should be recognized.

Great Place to Pump applications are now being accepted at Organizations will be notified of the next steps upon submission.

If you have questions regarding the Great Place to Pump designation, or the overall application process, please contact Acelleron at (877) 932-6327 or email [email protected].

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