Acelleron Launches Pump@Work Program for Employers

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August 29, 2019

Acelleron launches Pump@Work program for employers looking to support and retain breastfeeding women in the workplace!

Despite health benefits for both mother and baby, many breastfeeding moms stop nursing when they return to work due to their commute, work schedule, unsuitable nursing room conditions, or general lack of awareness or support in the workplace.

“Employers play a key role in a woman’s decision about whether she breastfeeds exclusively and for how long she breastfeeds,” says Jason Canzano, managing director at Acelleron. “Nearly 90% of the moms we survey at three months postpartum are pumping at work or planning to pump when they return to work. We knew we needed to develop a program to help sustain breastfeeding in the workplace.”

Acelleron’s Pump@Work program is a low-cost, monthly subscription that removes workplace barriers and can help increase breastfeeding rates when moms return to work. By providing a multi-user/hospital-grade breast pump, essential pumping supplies, and milk-boosting lactation snacks and tea for a company’s lactation room, the hassle for breastfeeding moms lugging these items back and forth to work is removed. Employers can purchase one or all three of Acelleron’s Pump@Work subscriptions.

Employer lactation programs not only benefit breastfeeding moms, but also companies that incorporate them. Some of these benefits include increased employee loyalty and productivity, as well as positive public relations. In addition, research and case studies show a 77 percent reduction in absenteeism, health care savings, and a 94 percent increase in employee retention.

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