Great Podcasts for Moms

Categories: Parenting, Self-care
August 12, 2019

With the number of podcasts listeners on the rise⁠—Statista reports that the average number of monthly podcast listeners amounted to about 67 million in 2017, and is due to increase to 132 million by 2022—there’s a podcast out there for just about everyone and any interest. From parenting to gardening to cooking to music and more, podcasts are a great alternative to reading a book or watching a screen, especially when there are little ones around and you need to multitask. So whether you’re in the car running errands, on the couch pumping tomorrow’s milk supply, or maybe taking advantage of naptime to kick your feet up and relax, here are our favorite podcasts for moms.


Best Podcast for Expecting & New Moms: Common Sense Pregnancy

Hosted by women’s health expert and labor nurse, Jeanne Faulkner, Common Sense Pregnancy offers honest insider advice for moms navigating pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenthood.


Best Podcast for Working Moms: Like a Mother

Named to U.S. News’ list of “Top 15 Personal Finance Podcasts,” host Emma Johnson gets candid in her interviews with women (including celebrities, national experts, entrepreneurs, and call-in guests) about money, business, career, parenting, feminism, dating, and sex.


Best Podcast for Foodie Moms: Didn’t I Just Feed You! 

Whether you love to cook or not, the reality of having kids is that they need to eat—a lot. In their weekly podcast, co-hosts Stacie Billis and Meghan Splawn are determined to help make meal time more fun and less stressful for busy parents. In each episode, they offer advice on everything from meal planning and coping with picky eaters to dining out with kids and real-life wellness for families.


Best Podcast to Connect with Other Moms: Coffee + Crumbs

Coffee + Crumbs is more than just a podcast; it’s a creative, online community that support mothers around the world through the power of shared experiences and artful storytelling.


Best Overall Podcast for Parents: The Longest Shortest Time

This award-winning series celebrates parenting in all its ups and downs. From telling funny stories to tackling difficult issues, it is “a parenting show for everyone.”


As every mom knows, it can be difficult to carve out “me time” when there are small children to take care of. And while we love a good read, podcasts can be listened to on-the-move, making them a more versatile option. Plus, they allow you to become part of a larger conversation with other moms just like you, and offer support and helpful resources for navigating the lifelong journey that is parenting.


Happy listening!