Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

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March 7, 2022

I recently traveled on a plane. With children. While pregnant! Even though the trip was a blast, it was also a lot to handle while pregnant. Before traveling, I made sure to prep to make it as comfortable as possible.

For a bit of background, I wasn’t newly pregnant during the trip. Being midway through pregnancy meant there was an obvious bump, complete with the physical effects of said bump. With a handful of children in tow and an itinerary that required quite a bit of walking, I knew planning in advance was important.

Here are 5 tips for traveling while pregnant

1. Talk to your provider

Discussing your travel plans with a healthcare provider is a great way to start your overall planning. Run through your ideal plans. Discuss things like timeframe, destination, and method of transportation. Confirm the safety of your plans, especially flying in late pregnancy. Be flexible where needed.

2. Help your blood flow

Motif medical compression socks hanging on wooden structure

Compression socks provided amazing relief on my flights! When sitting for a long period of time while pregnant, blood flow in your legs can be restricted. This can intensify the further along you are. Compression socks improve blood flow and reduces discomfort and swelling. If you haven’t been wearing compression socks regularly during pregnancy, practice putting them on ahead of time. Believe it or not, there is a special way to do it!

3. Support your bump

Motif medical pregnancy support band on pregnant women

During this pregnancy, my bump was a bit larger compared to my other pregnancies at a similar timeframe. This had me worried about how uncomfortable my back would be with the amount of walking I anticipated doing, as well as sleeping without a pregnancy pillow. To give my bump extra support, I used a pregnancy support band on days where there was more standing and walking on the schedule. Not only did the band support my belly, but it also provided my back with relief. In fact, the pregnancy support band made my back feel so much better that I even continued to wear the band after my trip!

4. Massage it up

This one is free and can be an independent or group project! Massage is also a great opportunity to finally make use of all the lotion that the hotel provides! Once my children and partner were settled for the night, I gave myself a really good foot and calf massage before going to sleep. This was comforting and a big help with reducing swelling in my lower legs. It also made my feet ache a little less each following day.

Personally, I am an independent foot massager, but feel free to get a partner or kiddo in the mix! Having a helping hand takes some of the awkward bending out of the picture.

5. Rest, snack, hydrate, repeat

Rest seems so obvious, but it is also frequently pushed to the side. When on vacation with children, it is extremely easy to push yourself through discomfort and fatigue to give your kids the best adventure possible. Yet, taking a few minutes here and there can be great for them and gives you a much-needed break to let your body catch up to all the excitement. Make breaks fun with simple activities or games. Being seated is a priority here! Have a variety of healthy snacks for both you and the kids on hand. Bring water bottles, refilling them when needed, to stay hydrated. Repeat any combination of these as many times as needed.

Maternity compression through insurance

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Written by Brittany Regan Fisher, Certified Lactation Counselor, Regional Account Coordinator at Acelleron, and mama.