Top 10 Podcasts for Parents

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February 11, 2022

Between cluster feeds, diaper changes, and sleepless nights, sometimes all a new parent wants to do is take a minibreak. Sometimes even a seasoned parent needs a little pick-me-up. Thankfully, even if you are glued to the couch and bleary-eyed from the craze of having a new baby, or a pro at this whole parenting thing, there are plenty of podcasts to offer a little mental boost. Check out these top 10 podcasts to keep you entertained and informed.

That New Mom Life Podcast

That New Mom Life

A short but focused venture featuring 12 episodes, That New Mom Life from focuses specifically on the first few months after having baby. Body changes, sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, intimacy, and easing back into work are some of the topics they touch on. It’s a very targeted window, and just what a new mom after baby could use.

Miraculous Mama podcast

Miraculous Mamas

Taking an in depth look at motherhood, pregnancy, childbirth, and a variety of other topics that impact women’s lives, Miraculous Mamas takes a straightforward approach. Getting real about fertility, birthing, milk supply, infant sleep, menstrual cycles, and so much more, these are unfiltered discussions from a familiar landscape.

The Mom Hour podcast

The Mom Hour

Designed by moms, for moms, The Mom Hour has real conversations about experiences the hosts, and many moms, have had. Not only does this podcast provide tips for pregnancy, new moms, toddlers, little kids, and older kids, it also dives into encouragement and support with discussions about body positivity, healthy habits, and work/life balance. The cohosts help moms feel better about where they are and the job they are doing.

First Class Fatherhood podcast

First Class Fatherhood

Talking about fatherhood, from the perspective of fathers, First Class Fatherhood is looking to change the narrative on fatherhood and family life. Host Alec Lace interviews “high profile” dads, from sports legends to TV personalities. They break down how fatherhood has transformed them, along with the bright spots, the crazy times, and the moments that melt your heart. It provides unique and unexpectedly open discussions on what fathers’ experience through all stages of a child’s life.

The Longest Shortest Time podcast

The Longest Shortest Time

For something more adult oriented, The Longest Shortest Time has unfiltered stories from a variety of parents discussing all kinds of situations. It is often not for kids’ ears. That’s part of what makes it appealing though. It’s real. It’s raw. It talks about so many of the topics that parents face but may not broach in conversation. Sperm shopping, getting pregnant, babies, couples, sex, sleep, kids, and loss, this podcast has a wide range of real life talk to make you laugh, cry, and escape for a few minutes.

Mom and Dad are Fighting podcast

Mom and Dad are Fighting

Looking for a little comedic relief? Mom and Dad are Fighting can give you a few laughs that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. This podcast runs the gamut from toddler to teen, and all things in between. Potty training, screen time, medical fears, play dates, picking your battles, and how to enjoy long car rides with the whole family, there is enough to keep you occupied for hours. All with a little bit of humor to help get you through these milestones and situations. As you understand from their disclaimer, this podcast also isn’t the best for little ears. So, keep this to headphones or when baby is napping.

One Bad Mother podcast

One Bad Mother

Another one that isn’t exactly meant for little ears, One Bad Mother IS specifically for moms. From relatable mortifying moments, to shattering gender roles, to a whole slew of parenting topics, it’s a refreshing take on what the stereotypical “mom” should or shouldn’t be and some of the challenges parents face with a whole lot of humor mixed in.

Best of Both Worlds podcast

Best of Both Worlds

Balancing parenthood and a career can be challenging. Best of Both Worlds takes this topic head on. Cohosts Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger are devoted to both their families and their careers. They share tips on how to successfully navigate both. With interviews from well-known guests such as Heidi Murkoff, the author of “What to Expect When You Are Expecting,” and answers to listener questions, this podcast can offer a little support to those looking to navigate the workplace and caring for a family.

PediaCast podcast


If you are interested in something with a medical approach, PediaCast is a good option. Pulling from his own experience as a pediatrician, interviewing pediatric and parenting experts, as well as fielding questions from parents themselves, Dr. Mike discusses just about every medical topic or situation you can think of. Have another question? Try submitting it to have your specific topic discussed.

NPR Life Kit Parenting podcast

Life Kit: Parenting

For some more practical, science-based insight, NPR’s Life Kit: Parenting Edition has you covered. This podcast has discussions ranging from pregnancy through the teenage years. With lighthearted topics ranging from picking out a baby name and reading to your children aloud, to more pointed conversations about mental health and social issues, Life Kit provides thought provoking and insightful talks for all stages of your child’s life.