When Should I Get My Breast Pump?

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August 12, 2021

Did you know that most insurances will allow you to receive your breast pump before your baby is born? Now, I know what you are thinking: I don’t need to pump until after my baby arrives! You are completely correct- pumping is not recommended or needed until after your baby’s arrival. Yet, there are reasons why it is helpful to have it ahead of time.


Key benefits to receiving your breast pump before giving birth


Get to know your pump
When you get your pump through Acelleron, we offer a free “Unbox Your Pump” consultation to get you well on your way to knowing your pump. One of our pump experts will provide an overview of your pump with key features and benefits, what it comes with, how to setup and clean it, and provide you with some great tips and tricks!

Reading the manual is also extremely helpful. This is something that many mothers skip but can be integral to a successful pumping experience. Every pump does the same thing (stimulates your nipples with suction to create milk flow/expression), but they all do it in different ways. Many pumps let you control the level of suction strength, some have let down buttons/modes, and others let you control the suction speed and strength simultaneously.

There are different accessories, parts, and features to each pump; for example, a built-in night light, multiple flange sizes, carrying bags, and more. The manual that comes with your pump will outline what your pump comes with, how to use it, and how to care for it.


Prepare your pump for use
You know what most parents say is fun when you just got home from the hospital with a newborn? Boiling and sanitizing pump parts! Yeah right! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and every pump manufacturer have specific guidelines on cleaning and sanitizing your pump parts before use. Save yourself time by reviewing these guidelines and cleaning the pump parts ahead of time, which is one less thing to do before your baby is here.


Carefully consider your pump options
You may have a few options, or many, depending on your insurance and who you get your breast pump from. The decision will come down to a few main factors:

  • Your lifestyle: Traveling, going back to work, on-the-go, multiples, etc.
  • Your preferences: Manufacturer/brand, pump size, features, and accessories that it comes with.

At Acelleron, our Customer Care Specialists and Certified Lactation Counselors carefully walk you through your choices and help you decide what pump may be best for you. We’ve also developed a breast pump selection guide that outlines the types of pumps, brands we offer, different parts of a breast pump, and features to consider before making your selection. Lastly, Acelleron hosts a FREE webinars in both English and Spanish where our Certified Lactation Counselor will walk you through how to choose and use the best breast pump and accessories for your needs and preferences, as well as pumping tips, tricks, and more! We want to ensure that mothers are making an informed and confident decision.

We have heard from so many mothers that they chose their pump while still in the hospital. They felt rushed, overwhelmed, and expressed they may not have chosen the right pump. Even if you’re deciding between just two pump models, that can be very difficult after just giving birth to your baby. Most mothers are tired, overwhelmed, emotional, uncomfortable, busy with visitors, hungry, or in a general fog afterwards, so this is not the best time to decide on what breast pump to use. Many moms express that they did not really consider their options and may have just selected a pump, in-the-moment, to get it over with.


When can I place my order?


You can place your breast pump order with us at any time. We have received orders as early as pregnancy confirmation and as “late” as after the birth of a baby!

Ordering ahead gives you time to decide on the best pump choice for you and peace of mind that everything is all set. Check it off your to-do list and let us handle the smaller details: getting your prescription, determining the shipping time-frame for your insurance, pump options, etc. We will keep in touch with you throughout the process through phone calls, emails, and texts, and you can reach out to our Customer Care Specialists and Certified Lactation Counselors at any time. While you are waiting for when your pump can ship, ask us about our free pumping and breastfeeding education options – hello free webinar and online education!


So, when will your insurance allow your breast pump to be shipped?


If you are unsure when your insurance plan will allow your pump to be shipped, give us a call at 978-738-9800, and we will walk you through the process. Acelleron will take care of everything so your breast pump will ship in the allowed time-frame, without needing you to call back in. When it does ship, you will be notified and sent an email with tracking* information.

If your insurance has a guideline to wait until after birth to receive your pump, that’s no problem! We work with you to make sure your order is complete, so after you give birth, we can ship it right out to you. We ship Monday-Friday, and UPS will deliver 7 days a week to most areas across the country! We just need confirmation that your baby has arrived. If we have that confirmation by 2 pm, your pump may even be at your home before you are! It can be you, or anyone that you are with, that calls to inform us your baby is here. Save our number (978-738-9800) as “Breast Pump” in your phone for easy access.

Bottom line?  You have enough to tend to with newborn and self-care once baby arrives! Check the breast pump off your list early!


Written by Brittany Regan Fisher, Certified Lactation Counselor, Regional Account Coordinator at Acelleron, and mama of two.

*Tracking information is only sent if we have a valid email on file.