Your Personal Guide to Ordering a Breast Pump Online

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March 25, 2021

Whether you are a first-time mom or one who has breastfed multiple times, we know you have countless decisions to make throughout your pregnancy. Let us make choosing and receiving your breast pump, simple and easy.

Acelleron’s mission is to help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals, whether that’s one month, six months, one year or more. Everyone’s journey looks different, and it can take some time to figure out what will work best for you. For many breastfeeding moms, pumping becomes a necessity at some point, whether you are going back to work, traveling, or have other children to take care of.

We hope that by providing high-quality, top-rated breast pumps, and many cost-effective mom and baby essentials, you will be able to start this exciting journey with your new little one, with one less thing to worry about. Getting your breast pump should not be a difficult task; if anything, it should be fun and easy! Pumps are now more comfortable, quiet, efficient, and more portable than ever, making it easy to pick one to best fit your ever-changing lifestyle. Our simple online ordering tool allows you to review and select from many pump brands, based on your insurance coverage. Place your online order, and we will take care of the rest!


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Your Personal Guide to Ordering a Breast Pump Online


In this guide, we will answer the most frequently asked questions when placing an online order.

What information will you need?

  • The correct insurance information, specifically your most up-to-date primary and secondary (if applicable). We need your insurance name, and member/policy ID number listed on your insurance card. Some member/policy numbers will have a leading letter prefix, which we also need. Selecting the incorrect insurance plan online may delay the order.
  • Your date of birth is vital for verifying your insurance coverage; in most cases, we cannot verify insurance without it.
  • The best phone number to contact you.
  • Your most up-to-date address, including any Apt or Unit numbers. This information is crucial when it is time to ship your breast pump. However, if you need to change your address before we ship your pump, just contact our customer care team.
  • Your full name as it appears on your insurance card. If your last name is hyphenated, please provide both.
  • An email address is a must. This is important when trying to contact you with the status of your order. When your pump is shipped you will also receive the tracking information directly from the shipping carrier, so you can track your package.


Does my insurance cover the breast pump?

  • Most insurance plans cover breast pumps for expectant or lactating mothers under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Under the ACA, signed into law in 2010, insurance companies were required to cover preventive health services and breastfeeding equipment for pregnant and postpartum women. Coverage can vary by the insurance company and policy type. We will verify your breast pump coverage once you have placed your order.


Find out what pumps your insurance covers here!


Why isn’t my insurance listed?

  • The insurances in the drop-down menu are the insurances we either are in-network with or have a trusted partner to refer you to. However, if your insurance name or state of residence is not available, this is an indication that we are not in-network with that insurance and do not know a trusted provider to send you to. If you are unsure, you may contact us or call (877) 932-6327 to speak with our knowledgeable customer care team.
  • In-network provider refers to a health care provider that has a contract with the health insurance company to provide care and services to plan members for a specific allowable rate.
  • Out-ofnetwork provider refers to a health care provider that does not have a contract with your health insurance company. Going to an out-of-network provider may result in you receiving a bill for a product or service.


What is a deductible, and how do I know if I have one? 

  • Under the ACA, breast pumps are not subject to a deductible or co-insurance like other medical products or services. The deductible is the out-of-pocket responsibility of the policy holder before the insurance company will pay for medical products or services. Keep in mind, breast pump upgrades are different.
  • You should always speak with your insurance provider directly when determining whether a service is applied to your deductible.


What if I have more than one insurance plan?

  • You can provide this information in the insurance fields on the order form if you are covered under more than one insurance plan. This information is crucial when verifying your eligibility and determining which plan will provide coverage for the breast pump. Not providing all insurance coverage plans at the time of your order, could result in your claim getting denied directly from your insurance provider.

Ex: If you have commercial insurance through your employer this will always be primary to any Medicaid (state-funded) insurance coverage you may have.


Do I need a prescription? What if I do no have a prescription? 

  • A prescription is needed to submit the claim to your insurance. If you do not have one before placing your order, not to worry! We can request a prescription on your behalf. You will have the option to upload a prescription with your order; your doctor may have provided this to you. Otherwise, you can enter your OBGYN or midwife’s name and office information, which we will then contact.
  • We will submit a prescription request twice to your physician’s office. Please keep in mind that we prioritize orders by delivery/due date. Once we obtain a prescription, we will call or email to confirm and finalize your order.


When can I receive my pump? 

  • You may be eligible to receive your breast pump before your baby is born, but this is dependent upon your insurance plan’s guidelines. Many insurance plans allow dispensing of the pump between 1 to 4 months prior to your due date. However, some insurance and Medicaid plans require the baby to be born before receiving your breast pump. We will notify you of these specific guidelines.
  • If your insurance plan requires the baby be born before we can ship your pump, do not worry. Our shipping carrier delivers Monday through Friday and on weekends. Weekend deliveries will depend on your area.


Can I return my breast pump once it has been opened? 

  • Breast Pumps are considered a personal hygiene product, and therefore, cannot be returned or exchanged if the seal on the box has been broken. The breast pumps we carry come with a warranty directly from the manufacturer. Most of the pump brands provide a one- or two-year warranty. If your product is not performing as expected, we encourage you to call the breast pump manufacturer’s customer service department for assistance.


Acelleron is here for you, mama!