Horizon NJ Health Breast Pump and Supplies Benefits

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August 16, 2022

Acelleron can help you get the most out of the New Jersey Breastfeeding Mandate through Horizon NJ Health.

The New Jersey Breastfeeding Mandate

In accordance with the New Jersey Breastfeeding Support Law and a State of New Jersey Department of Human Services Newsletter, Horizon NJ Health covers breastfeeding equipment and supplies.

According to the newsletter, “these benefits are provided to NJ FamilyCare eligible individuals at any time during their pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period for the duration of breastfeeding. They are available to NJ FamilyCare members in all Medicaid and CHIP eligibility categories under plans A, B, C and D, and the Alternative Benefit Plan (ABP). Individuals covered by the NJ Supplemental Prenatal Care Program (NJSPCP) are not eligible. Benefits associated with multiple births are identical to those for singleton births.”

Horizon NJ Health Breast Pump Coverage Details

  • Horizon NJ Health will cover either one (1) purchased manual breast pump (HCPCS: E0602) OR one (1) purchased electric breast pump (HCPCS: E0603) per birth event.

For replacement parts, Horizon NJ Health will cover:

  • One (1) breast pump supply kit (HCPCS: A4281, A4282, A4283, A4284, A4285, A4286) per birth event. The kit includes two replacement tubes, shields, and bottles.

For Breastmilk Storage Bags, Horizon NJ Health will cover:

  • Breastmilk storage bags (HCPCS: K1005) as long as the member is still pumping and in need of the bags.

The breast pump, replacement parts, and breastmilk storage bags should be obtained from an in-network Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider, such as Acelleron. No prior authorization, prescription, or documentation of medical necessity is required.

Horizon NJ Health Prenatal Porgram

To help members get proper prenatal care and education, Horizon NJ Health offers a “Getting Early Maternity Services”, or GEMS program. In addition to routine visits, it gives members access to specialists, care managers, nutrition advice, breastfeeding help, and even transportation to appointments.

Acelleron Helps You Get Your Breast Pump with Horizon NJ Health Insurance

Choosing Your Breast Pump

With all the options out there, from brands like Medela, Cimilre, Lansinoh, and Zomee, we know it can be overwhelming to decide what pump works best for you and your baby. That’s why our Pump Exploration Webinar will help make this decision easier. During this on-demand webinar, you learn about types of breast pumps, things to consider, breast pump brands, general use, and more! For a quick look at the differences between the pumps, check out our Breast Pump Comparison Grid.

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

Getting your breast pump covered by Horizon NJ Health has never been so easy when you use Acelleron!

  1. Click here to start your order and select your Horizon NJ Health on our form: We will verify your coverage.
  2. Pick your pump: Use our brand and feature filters to find the pump that will be best for you and your baby. Then, fill in the rest of the form to submit your order!
  3. Free shipping to your door: Your pump will arrive approximately 60 days prior to your due date.

Horizon NJ Health Moms, get started now!

The Acelleron Difference

After you get your pump, we are still here to support you! Learn the ins and outs of your pump with a FREE Unbox Your Pump virtual consult. One of our pump experts will give you a brief overview of your pump, key features and benefits, what it comes with, how to setup and clean it, and give you some great tips & tricks!

Horizon NJ Health expecting families can start their breastfeeding journey off on the right foot with our FREE online Breastfeeding Education Classes after you order your pump.

Plus, have access to our Knowledge Center, Baby, Breast, and Beyond blog, and become part of our online community for support, inspiration, and exclusive access to special deals and discounts.